What Is a Black Light Dance?

Image by Flickr.com, courtesy of Kevin Dooley

Black lights are colored light bulbs that make objects glow in the dark. First popular in the 1970s, black lights are making a comeback with black light parties and dances for teens.


Black light dances are ideally located in a room that has an open dance space on uncarpeted flooring, such as hardwood or laminate. All windows are covered and the only light comes from black lights and strobe lights.


Black light dances are decorated with items that glow under the black lights. Neon colors, Tide laundry soap, highlighter markers may be used for this effect. Lava lamps, disco balls, glow sticks and black light posters might also be used.



Guests dress in white, black or neon-colored casual clothing. Guests can use Tide laundry soap or highlighters to write on their clothing. They may accessorize with neon-colored jewelry.



Popular choices include "rave" or "dance," music such as trip hop and house. School dances may utilize an upbeat Top 40 playlist.



Snack foods are generally served at casual dances. Food that glows under the black lights may be incorporated, or basic chips and sodas may be served.