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What Color Coordinates Well With Tiffany Blue?

Tiffany blue is a color with which both men and women can live.
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An eye-catching robin’s egg blue, Tiffany blue is so named for the eponymous gift box of famed jeweler, Tiffany & Co. Tiffany blue has been the brand’s identifying color since 1845. Though considered blue, an RGB color chart shows that more green than blue is in the color’s composition. As such, an analogous color scheme includes blues and greens; a monochromatic palette more blue-green, including hues like turquoise, aqua, and cyan. It is a versatile hue that combines with a wide spectrum of colors.

Wrap It With a Bow

Keep it classic: Tiffany blue and bright white. Cover the floor with a soft, shaggy white rug and paint the walls, ceiling and trim white, paired with a simple white bed frame and crisp white linens. Hang white silk inverted box pleat draperies and a crystal chandelier with a hint of blue. On your nightstands, place lamps with white linen shades and Tiffany blue bases. Carry the blue into a velvet tufted contoured chaise or bench and bolster pillows for the bed. In lieu of a headboard, paper the area behind the bed with a tone-on-tone woven damask, carrying it onto the ceiling and down the wall opposite.

Man Up

For a distinctly masculine vibe, use a palette of mixed browns and blues, starting with Tiffany blue walls and trim in a very dark brown. Install Roman blinds in a patterned fabric similar to the trim color, taking the header close to the ceiling. A leather channel tufted bed in camel with a mix of linens in chocolate brown, white, camel and blue makes a focal point: striped accent pillows using all of the tones, a white duvet, chocolate brown coverlet, and white sheets and pillows with a decorative trim detail that again introduces all four tones. Add oil-rubbed bronze accents for lighting, picture frames, and side tables.

Complement It

Coral is a natural warm complement to Tiffany blue. Ground the room with a muted area rug in muted tones of Tiffany blue, coral, beige and cream, and paint two or three walls Tiffany blue, including the window wall. Dress the windows in warm white, outlining the treatment in a 3-inch band of the same blue. Choose a playful paisley print on a creamy white background that features both coral and Tiffany blue. Complete the look with a sculptural creamy white headboard with button tufting in coral and cream bedding, highlighted with geometric print pillows in coral, blue and cream.

Side by Side

Adjacent on the color wheel, Tiffany blue and chartreuse make a great pairing. Make the furniture the focal point by painting the dresser and a tall four-poster bed in a glossy Tiffany blue. Tone down the blue, perhaps to a pale aqua, for the walls. Keep the primary bedding and a side chair in shades of white, opting for textural woven fabrics. Layer a quilt or blanket in chartreuse and green at the foot of the bed, carrying the same colors through the space with accent cushions and artwork, and bright greenery.

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