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What Are the Best Cutting Tools for Making Your Own Quilling Strips?

Quilling is the art of cutting paper into strips and rolling them up to make designs. Almost anything your mind can think of can be made using quilling strips. While you can purchase the paper already cut into strips it is much less expensive to cut the paper yourself. To do this you will need some special tools.


The paper you choose to use is a big part of the cutting and rolling process. If you buy paper that is too thick you cannot cut out as much paper at one time and it may be too thick to roll nicely. Thicker paper also has a tendency to crease when you are trying to coil it up, which is not what you want. The standard weight of paper quillers choose to use is from 28 to 31 pounds.

Rotary Trimmers

There are special cutting machines you use to quickly slice off strips of paper. They can cut through about 10 sheets of paper at one time, depending on the weight of your paper. Sometimes on these machines it is a little difficult to see the measurement markings, depending on which type you buy. However, they are a good way to get a lot of perfect strips in a short period of time. Cut only one strip first to make sure you have the machine set correctly and you are using the right measurement. Once you know you have the right measurement, continue cutting out all your strips.

Roller Cutter

A roller cutter, just like the ones used for quilting is an option. To use a roller cutter you must have a mat. These special mats are self-healing and will last for years. When using a roller cutter make sure to buy separate blades to use for your quilling paper than you would for your quilting. Blades come in straight designs as well as decorative edging designs.


Another item that is a must when you want to cut your own quilling strips is a straightedge with ruler markings. This can also be found in the quilting section of the fabric store as well as in the specialized paper section of the craft store. Purchase a ruler that is clear and approximately the same length as your cutting mat. When using a straightedge shorter than your cutting mat it is necessary to move the ruler mid-cut, which could cause the paper to not be cut perfectly evenly. Look also for a ruler with clearly marked measurements.

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