How to Make Your Own Speed Strips for a Revolver

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Things You'll Need

  • Saw
  • Neoprene rubber strip roll
  • Clamp
  • Marker
  • Measuring tape
  • Sharp knife or box cutter

Revolvers have the bullets loaded into the handgun itself, rather than into a clip that is slid into the grip of a pistol. For people who need to fire multiple rounds very quickly, revolvers are inefficient, as bullets must be individually loaded. However, speed strips help to line up bullets to expedite the reloading process. While these rubberized speed strips can be purchased in gun stores, you can also make them on your own.

Stand up five or six bullets (depending on how many fit into your revolver), leaving about a centimeter between each one. Measure the length of all of these bullets lined up together with a tape measure. With a very sharp blade, like a box cutter or scalpel, cut a strip from a roll of Neoprene rubber the length of all of these bullets and the space between each of them.

Place each of these bullets on the cut Neoprene rubber strip, spacing them out as they were spaced out before. Draw lines between each bullet with a marker so that when you remove the bullets from the block there are five or six equal-size squares on top of the rubber strip.

Measure the diameter of each bullet with a tape measure. Draw a line of this length within each rubber square. Draw another line crossing it, making an "X". Clamp the rubber strip down to a cutting surface. Now use your sharp blade to cut through the rubber strip along these "X" lines.

Squeeze your bullets into each of these "X" cuts that you have made in each square of the Neoprene rubber strip. The triangles created by each "X" will hold the bullet in place within the speed strip.


  • Try cutting each "X" a little smaller so each bullet is held a little more firmly in the rubber speed strip.