Wedding Reception Centerpieces Using Tulle & Flowers

Many wedding centerpieces use both flowers and tulle.
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Tulle and flowers create a beautiful and elegant look at any wedding, and also are easily customizable to any bride's color scheme. There are many centerpieces that utilize both tulle and flowers, and these arrangements make beautiful decorations on the guests' tables. Flowers provide an elegant feel to a wedding, while tulle adds a bit of romance.

Tulle Flower Branches

For a whimsical winter wedding, many brides create centerpieces using flower branches. Tiny flowers can be added to the end of these branches using small pieces of tulle. The tulle adds a touch of romance to the bare flower branches, and gives an element of fresh life to the table. The branches can be displayed in a tall vase. These simple centerpieces are elegant and pretty.

Tulle Vases

One way to utilize tulle within a floral centerpiece is to place a floral arrangement in a tall, clear vase. The vase can be filled with sheets of tulle, filling the clear vase with the see-through fabric. This adds a soft, airy touch to the centerpieces, and adds another element of decor. The tulle can either be a soft white or ivory, or match the bride's color scheme.

Floral Centerpieces With Tulle Base

If a bride prefers to have a low centerpiece as opposed to a tall vase, there are still options to utilize both flowers and tulle. Create a floral arrangement in a low, round bowl -- similar to a fishbowl. Around the outer edge of the bowl, the bride can arrange tulle fabric. This will make the bowl appear to be floating on the table, and will add an element of mystery and romance to the tables.

Wreath Centerpieces With Flowers and Tulle

For a more distinctive wedding centerpiece, a bride can create wreaths for the center of her table. Tulle can be wrapped around the wreath similar to how a ribbon would wrap around a wreath, and then flowers can be added to the decoration. Place the wreath in the center of the table. One idea to utilize the wreath is to put the bottle of champagne for the toast in the center of the wreath.