Watermelon & Champagne Wedding Colors

wedding image by Mat Hayward from Fotolia.com

A good idea when picking out your wedding colors is to to keep one color simple and light and the other bright and bold. The bright watermelon color will pop perfectly with the subtle and sheer champagne complementary color. Although ideal for a summer wedding, watermelon and champagne colors can be used for a spring or fall wedding as well.

Dresses and Tuxedos

In recent years, many brides have been choosing to wear a wedding dress in a color other than bright white. Off-white, cream, winter white, and even a very pale pink have become some of the favorites. The color champagne is also a popular color among wedding dresses. Choose a wedding dress that is champagne -- or close to is -- to complement the rest of your wedding party. Keep in mind that you may also be able to order your dress in champagne, even if the wedding boutique didn't have it in stock. Keep your groom's tuxedo vest (or cummerbund) and tie in the same champagne. For your bridesmaids' dresses, choose a bright, watermelon pink. Choose the same pink color for the groomsmen's tuxedo vests and ties.


There are several different kinds of flowers that have a watermelon shade to them. Anemones, loose dendrobium orchids, garden rose hot pink walzertraums and peonies rose pink (Yves Piaget) all come in brilliant watermelon colors. Orchids, calla lilies, most types of roses and peonies all come in champagne colors as well. For a little more splash of color, add a few flowers that are a soft, light pink to the bouquets. Keep in mind that if the flowers you love most do not come in watermelon, you can have your flowers dyed or spray painted by your florist. Consider having each bridesmaid walk with a bouquet of watermelon, light pink and champagne flowers, and you walk with a whole bouquet of watermelon-colored flowers.

Table Linens

There are a couple of choices on how you'd like to pull your color into your tables. For a softer look, choose a plain, champagne-colored table cloth with white or cream-colored dinnerware. For a touch of color, add a watermelon-colored table runner, napkins and chair covers (you may also want to choose cream-colored chair covers with a watermelon sash). Add a vase of watermelon- and champagne-colored wedding flowers as your centerpiece to finish the look. For a reception with more color, consider watermelon-colored tablecloths and sashes on the chairs on each table. Add the champagne color through the table runners, napkins and chair covers. To add a brighter color of champagne, choose light gold dinnerware to place at every place setting. If your reception hall cannot provide light gold dinnerware, purchase acrylic, light gold spray paint (you can find these safe for dinnerware at craft supply stores) and spray paint each plate.


Incorporate your watermelon and champagne colors to the decorations that you will have on display around the reception hall. With a Styrofoam ball and some flowers (real or fake),create flower balls, which are perfect to hang from the backs of chairs or even from the ceiling of your hall (see Resources). Drape some white lights along the head table or in trees if your reception is outside. The white lights give off a champagne-colored glow. And, of course, don't forget about your cake. Consider a champagne-colored cake decorated in watermelon-colored frosting. If you're looking to add a big splash of color, consider a cake completely colored watermelon.