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How to Find the Value of Old Majestime Watches

Majestime watch
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Majestime watches, sold by the Majesti Watch Company of New York, come in both wristwatch and pocket watch styles. According to Clock and Watch Makers of the World, a historical research site for vintage watches, Majesti sold watches until 2002, but many of its products are still in circulation. Depending on the age, condition and type, your old Majestime watch might have great value. Three main steps and some research will help you find the value of old Majestime watches.

Check collectible valuation websites
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Check collectible valuation websites. Sites that list the value of types of collectibles—such as jewelry or watches—are good sources of information about what your old Majestime watch might be worth. Sites like WorthPoint or Kovels specialize in providing pricing guides and product directories of collectible items, and they also gather updated information about the prices certain collectibles fetch at auction. By searching such databases for your model of Majestime watch, you can discover how much it is worth.

Compare sales and auction sites
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Compare prices at sales and auction sites. Check stores or websites that specialize in selling vintage, antique or collectible watches, such as Rare Watches or Watchnet, to determine the value of Majestime watches like yours. Auction sites like eBay also have special sections for jewelry and watches; you can search auctions for Majestime watches to see what kinds of prices similar watch models receive.

Ask a appraiser
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Ask an appraiser. Although research can provide a rough estimate of the value of your old Majestime watch, asking an appraiser will yield a more exact, professional valuation. You can find an appraiser in your community by checking with local antiques or collectibles clubs, or you can search for a nearby appraiser through the American Society of Appraisers’ national database (see Resources). In your search, be sure to ask potential appraisers about their level of experience with vintage jewelry or watches. Note that most appraisers will charge a nominal fee to research and value your Majestime watch.

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