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How to Use a Laredo Cigarette Rolling Machine

The Laredo machine lets you roll your own cigarettes.
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The Laredo rolling machine is a small plastic device used to make rolled cigarettes. It was first manufactured by American tobacco giant Bron and Williamson in 1968. The machine uses an injection system, which neatly pre-rolls loose tobacco and a filter before covering them with cigarette paper. The machine became popular with Americans because it was more cost effective than buying ready-made cigarettes, and it allowed smokers to create their own custom cigarettes by using different blends of loose tobacco. Today, an original Laredo rolling machine is a rare commodity.

Place the machine on a steady surface, with the white handle facing toward you and the tobacco chamber facing upward.

Lift the latch on the top of the machine, to open the filter and tobacco chambers.

Push the white handle in, so it slots inside the machine. Place the cigarette paper (filter end first), into the metal tube on the right side of the machine.

Drop the cigarette filter into the filter chamber, located to the right of the tobacco chamber. Crumble loose tobacco evenly in the main tobacco chamber, until it is approximately half full. Shut the latch, to close the filter and tobacco chambers.

In a continuous motion, slide the white plastic handle to the furthest position on the right of the machine, and then slide it back to its original position. Slide the handle to the middle of the rolling machine, and the finished cigarette will fall out of the metal spout.

Things You'll Need:

  • Loose tobacco
  • Cigarette papers
  • Filter


If the latch does not close the tobacco chamber properly, remove some of the loose tobacco and try again.

Cut excess tobacco from the cigarette using scissors, to create a neater, more professional finish.


  • Smoking poses serious health risks.
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