Unique Ideas for Raffle Baskets

nikkytok/iStock/Getty Images

Whether they're for an auction or just a contest prize, raffle baskets can offer an exciting prize pack for your guests. Good raffle baskets adhere to a solid theme to make them enticing, while offering a diverse enough array of prizes to make them worth bidding on. No two baskets are necessarily the same, as different themes can produce wildly different prizes. These are some examples of basket themes and prize ideas; consider them a jumping-off point for your own baskets.

The Vegas Treatment

Poker, similar card games and games of chance can make for a fun basket for the casino enthusiast or someone who just loves card games in general. Some of the basic prizes can include decks of cards, dice and poker chip sets, and potentially a dealing shoe for a thematic twist. Other accents can include a pair of martini glasses and a drink shaker as a nod to Las Vegas' active night life.

Gamer Goodies

Video games offer an opportunity to create a multitude of themed baskets. You can build the theme around a single platform or specific gaming franchise, like creating a Nintendo-themed basket or one focused on "Assassin's Creed." The kind of prizes you include will depend on your budget; gift certificates or online store point cards are good choices in any case, but larger prizes like games themselves or even consoles will represent a more significant investment. Peripherals like controllers can also help round out the basket.

A Basket of Magic

There are a lot of prize options if you want to create a raffle basket for aspiring illusionists and magicians. Decks of regular playing cards, as well as trick decks, are a good start for smaller items. Magic kits containing several tricks, or individual trick kits, can also be a good buy. There's also a wealth of how-to books and DVDs that can be added to give the winner even more ideas on how to expand their act. You can add accents by including stage props like a wand or some white velvet gloves.

Toy Chest

You can also build a raffle basket around a particular toy or collectible, or a specific product line. Prizes can include the toys themselves, accessories and other memorabilia. Depending on the event and the budget for the basket, you can potentially make it sought after by collectors by placing rare or mint-condition vintage toys or collectibles in the mix. Whether or not accent pieces are appropriate or necessary depends primarily on the theme itself, especially if the prizes themselves are sought-after or otherwise expensive.

Modeler's Toolkit

Model-building is a hobby that generally requires a lot of additional tools and materials, making it a solid contender as a raffle basket if you know attendees at your event will be interested. You can include several model kits, glue, paints, brushes and other tools. Depending on the types of models included or the theme itself, you can add any number of additional tools or materials to make the basket an all-in-one starter kit.