Unicorn Crafts for Kids

Children who love unicorns will enjoy making unicorn crafts.
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Many children are fascinated by the magic and beauty of unicorns. Making a unicorn craft can allow children to use their imaginations and be creative. Talk with your child about unicorns as you make the crafts together. Art time be full of bonding, learning and fun.

Unicorn Cupcake

Bake a cupcake of your choice and frost it with white frosting. Carefully break away the top portion of a sugar cone so that only the bottom 2 inches are left; frost the sugar cone and roll it in yellow sugar crystals. Push the cone into the cupcake to act as the unicorn's horn. Place two licorice bull's-eyes under the horn for eyes. Use a marshmallow for the nose and cut a yellow gumdrop in half for the nostrils. Stick 2 white almonds above the horn for ears. A handful of white cotton candy placed above the ears will represent the unicorn's mane.

Unicorn Mask

Position a white piece of construction paper vertically on the table. Draw a simple outline of a unicorn's head on the paper and cut out with scissors. Cut out 2 eye holes that you can look through. Draw the unicorn's horn on off-white construction paper; cut it out with scissors and attach it to the head with tape or glue. Cut out a small rectangle from the off-white construction paper; fringe one side with scissors and tape or glue it in between the unicorn's ears for hair. Tape several craft sticks together to form one long stick; tape it to the back of the head so you can hold the mask. Decorate the mask with crayons, markers or stickers.

Unicorn Painting

Using white construction paper, cut out the shape of a unicorn. Lay the unicorn on top of old newspaper. Choose paint colors for your unicorn. Pour the paint onto a paper dish. Press a sponge into the paint and sponge paint the unicorn. While the paint is still wet, sprinkle silver glitter all over the unicorn. When the paint is dry, draw or glue on a googly eye.