How to Make Skeletons Out of Toothpicks

toothpicks image by timur1970 from

Things You'll Need

  • Black construction paper
  • Glue
  • Chalk
  • Personal photos
  • Glitter glue
  • Paint

Use toothpicks as a craft material to create skeletons. Whether you are a school teacher looking for a simple Halloween art activity, or you want to incorporate a craft activity into a Halloween party, consider making toothpick skeletons. Personalize these skeletons by incorporating images of the craft maker's head into the craft or let the craft maker use her creativity and add her own embellishments on the skeleton or background.

Lay out the shape of a skeleton on a piece of construction paper. Lay a vertical toothpick on the paper for the spine. Break three toothpicks in half. Lay three halves horizontally on either side of the spine for ribs. For the arms, lay one toothpick pointing diagonally upward from the first set of ribs. For the legs, lay one toothpick pointing diagonally downward on either side of the bottom of the spine.

Attach the toothpicks to the construction paper. Line the bottom of each toothpick with glue and place them back in the correct location.

Make a head for the skeleton. Cut a photo of the craft maker's head and glue it on top of the skeleton. Instead of a photo, use chalk to draw in the skeleton's head.

Create a scene on the construction paper. Use glitter glue, chalk or paint to create a graveyard scene or any other type of setting.