Types of Bedspreads

This bed covering that almost touches the floor is a bedspread.
bedroom image by david hughes from Fotolia.com

Quilts, bedspreads, comforters—you may think all bed covering are the same, but in reality, bedspreads, unlike the other two, are meant to reach or almost touch the floor. Frequently used in hotel rooms, bedspreads are usually thinner than other types of bed covering and typically feature a stitched pattern.


Chenille bedspreads are soft and warm, and ideal for snuggling up under. Chenille bedspreads gained popularity in the late 1800s when a woman from Dalton, Georgia created the stitch to make the tufted confections. Chenille bedspreads often feature intricate geometric or flowery designs, and the historic ones typically have a pale main color. Although chenille bedspreads were often made of polyester after the 1950s, you can find cotton ones created like the historic ones at many retailers today.


Quilted bedspreads feature stitched patterns on the top of the fabric, and the stitches may even help keep the fabric layers of the bedspread together. Quilted bedspreads are usually larger than a regular quilt and often create a squarelike box shape at the bottom to cover the end of the bed. Quilted bedspreads can feature only one fabric with stitching on top or multiple fabrics stitched together.


A reversible bedspread allows you to change the look of your bedroom easily. Reversible bedspreads feature high-quality fabric on both sides of the bedspread, so you can turn it over whenever you want to create a different look. You can purchase a reversible bedspread with one or both sides quilted from most retailers, or stick to a basic bedspread featuring little or no quilting.