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Trumpet Crafts

Fashion common household items into trumpet look-alikes.
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Trumpets are one of the oldest instruments known to man. The call of the trumpet might cause many people to relate to hazy mornings at summer camp or perhaps military soldiers lining up for morning roll call. Create trumpet crafts with common household items that mimic the real brass instrument or that actually produce sounds.

Lifelike Trumpet

Create a model of a trumpet out of a long cardboard tube, a Styrofoam bowl and tinfoil. Trace one end of the tube on the bottom of the bowl, centering it. Use scissors or a craft knife to cut a slit through the traced circle, bisecting it. Make about four more cuts, bisecting the circle from all sides to create an opening with triangular-shaped flaps. Push the flaps down and out the bottom of the bowl. Slide the cardboard tube through the top of the bowl and out the bottom. Push the tube until the bowl rests near the end of it, then glue into place with a hot glue gun. Use tinfoil to cover the entire trumpet. Create a tinfoil handle and attach to the bottom of the tube with tape.

Bottle Trumpet

Use a pint-sized plastic soda bottle, duct tape, ribbon and stickers to create a horn-like trumpet. Cut off the top third of a soda bottle with sharp scissors or a craft knife. Smooth rough edges by covering the bottom rim with duct tape. Tie a ribbon around the top opening of the bottle to hold the trumpet. Decorate with stickers, permanent markers or paint.

Recycled Trumpet

Recycle a few common household items to create a trumpet. Cut off the mouth of a plastic 2-liter bottle for the mouthpiece. Tape the mouthpiece to the end of a paper towel tube. Create a funnel shape out of a piece of construction paper and attach to the opposite end of the trumpet. Cover the entire trumpet in colored duct tape or paint.

Tube Trumpet

A tube trumpet doesn't look exactly like a real trumpet, but it creates sounds like one. Paint a cardboard tube with gold or silver metallic paint and allow it to dry. Decorate with sequins, glitter, stickers and stars. Blow into one end to produce a trumpet "toot." This is ideal for use during celebrations or homespun concerts, when instruments are required.

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