"Trouble" Board Game Directions

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Trouble is a classic board game with dice and pawns with a twist. The game board was designed with the die trapped in a plastic bubble in the middle. Instead of rolling the die, you “pop” the plastic bubble to send the die bouncing. This makes it easy to take Trouble with you, without the worry of losing the die. Trouble is geared to those who are age 4 and older.

Turn the game board upside down. Place the four rubber feet in each of the corners and flip it back to the right side position.

Place the pawns in the home position and have each player choose a color. Take turns pressing and releasing the bubble to "pop" the die. The player with the highest number goes first. Play continues in a clockwise fashion, with each player pressing and releasing the plastic bubble to determine his move.

Roll a six on the die to move out of your home. Move your pawn to the Start position and pop the bubble again. Move the pawn according to the number on the dice in each turn. If a player rolls a six during play, he receives a second turn. If his pawn lands on a space occupied by another player, he is sent home and must roll a six again to move a pawn out again.

Get all of your pawns into your colored "Finish" area first to win. A pawn can only move into "Finish" on an exact roll, so if you are three spaces away, you must roll a three to get in.