Trash to Treasure Craft Ideas for Bleach Bottles

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Before you throw that empty bleach bottle into the recycling bin, stop to consider what else it might be good for. You can reuse bleach bottles in craft projects. Some of the items you can create from an ordinary bleach bottle are useful around the house while others are just for fun.

Holiday Projects

For Christmas, craft a Santa door decoration. Use a white bleach bottle that you have cut in half the long way. You are making Santa’s head only, not the whole body. Use red felt for the hat and white yarn for the beard, mustache, and hair. Paste on flesh-colored felt for Santa’s face and use black and blue felt for Santa’s eyes. Attach a yarn loop or wire to the back and hang it on your door. A black cat is just the thing for Halloween. Use a bleach bottle for the base and a small plastic detergent bottle for the head and ears. Paint it all black and decorate it. Using the same technique you can fashion a bunny for Easter.

Household Items

Make a scoop out of a bleach bottle with the cap on by cutting diagonally across the bottom. Use it scoop kitty litter, dog food, powdered detergent, salt to sprinkle on the driveway to melt ice and anything else you would use a scoop for. If you intend to use it for pet food, wash it well to remove any residual bleach. Recycle a bleach bottle into a hand washer. Poke a small hole in the bottom of a bleach bottle with a nail. Hang the bottle up with rope or wire and fill it with water. When you want to wash your hands, pull out the nail in the bottom to release the water. This project is especially good for camping trips because you can hang the bottle on a tree limb. Recycle a bleach bottle as a storage receptacle. Cut off the top and use it to corral things like clothes pins. Use it in your laundry room to hold powdered detergent and fabric softener sheets.


Use an empty bleach bottle to make a piggy bank. Turn the bottle sideways and cut off the handle. Make a slit in the middle top that is wide enough to allow coins to drop through. Attach four wooden spools to the bottom for legs. Use felt for the eyes and mouth and a curly pipe cleaner for the pig’s tail. Make a ball catcher. Cut the bottom off the bottle, then cut a U shape under the handle. Make two ball catchers so that children can play catch. Create a beach bucket by cutting off the top of a bleach bottle, leaving the handle intact. Attach a piece of rope or clothesline to make a shoulder strap. Use the bucket to scoop sand. Fill it with water to dump over your head when you get too warm. Use it for collecting shells, rocks, beach glass and other things you find while beach combing.