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The Best Towing Tires for Pulling a Horse Trailer

Horse trailer tires must be able to handle heavy weights.
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Because of the extra weight involved in pulling horses, horse trailers need to use special tires capable of handling the task. While different people have different opinions on which brand of horse trailer tires are the best, there are some factors that can help you to decide which tires would be the best for your particular needs.


One of the most important factors in selecting horse trailer tires is safety. Most accidents involving horse trailers occur due to tire blowouts. A blowout can be caused by not maintaining the tire at the correct air pressure, but it can also be caused by using a tire without a high enough load rating. A tire with a load rating of D is considered acceptable, but a load rating of E is considered superior.


The load range letter is a code for the number of plies in the tire. The more plies a tire has, the better it is able to stand up to hard use and carry heavier loads. A tire with a B rating is a four-ply tire, and a tire with a C rating is a six-ply tire. The tires considered suitable for a horse trailer are the eight-ply D tires and the 10-ply E tires.

Tire Age

Another factor in selecting the best tire for a horse trailer is the age of the tire. The U.S. Department of Transportation number for the tire can be found near the rim on the tire's sidewall. The final four digits in this sequence will tell you the age of the tire you are considering for your trailer. For example, if the number is 2609, this means that the tire was manufactured in 2009, in the 26th week of the year. The newer the tire is, the better.

Tire Brands

Opinions on the best horse trailer tires vary widely. Some prefer Cooper tires, while others prefer Micheline or Loadstar. The best procedure for selecting a tire for your horse trailer is to determine what size of tire will fit your trailer, calculate the total weight you need to carry, and find out which trailer tire manufacturers provide tires of the appropriate size and load rating. Finally, research those brands by looking up consumer and professional reviews to find out what other people have to say about them.

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