Tools to Pick Up Trash

Picking up trash is a manual task which requires both hard and back breaking efforts. To add to it, you worry about sanitation issues. This is where tools to pick up trash come into the picture. Trash pickup tools reduce the back breaking effort of repeatedly bending over to pick the trash, makes the task easy and keeps you at a good distance from the trash. Trash picking tools come in various types and functionality depending on the kind of trash being picked up.

Paper Picker

This is the most basic of all trash picking tool, though it is as useful as any other. The basic functionality of this tool is to pick up waste paper, however, you can also use it to pick up other paper items like paper cups and paper plates. The tool is an expendable rod with a spike at one end and a handle to hold the picker at the other. You simply stab the paper item with the spiked tip and it holds the trash, allowing you to put it in a trash bag or can without bending over.

Trash Nabber

As the name suggests, the task of this tool is to nab the trash. The tool is an aluminum rod fixed with moving claws at one end. The moving claws function like two fingers, opening and closing using a lever provided at the handle of the tool. This trash picker can pick up light objects like paper, paper cups, paper plates and other minute trash like cigarette butts with ease. You can pick up the trash using the trash nabber without bending over, easing the chore of cleaning up the trash.

Trash Grappler

You can use a grappler for large trash, as it is sturdier and stronger than a trash nabber. Here the tool is an aluminum rod fitted with a moving lever. The rod acts as one part of the claw and the lever,which can open and close, is the other part of the claw. Squeeze the handle of the grappler which causes the levers at the end to grab. The grappler can lift heavier trash like debris and small stone as well as minute trash like paper items. Since it is made of aluminum, it is light in weight and can be used effortlessly.


The Handler tool helps with the task of carrying and maneuvering the trash can or trash basket when picking up trash. It relieves you of bending down repeatedly to put the trash in the bin or basket. It also helps lighten the load of having to carry the trash can. The handler is a pair of claws on a handled rod which can be locked in place on a trash bin. The claws clutch the bin and is locked. Then using the handle you can lift the bin with ease.

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