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Titanic Crafts for Kids

Use the Titanic as crafting inspiration.
Doors from Titanic :-) image by zimous from Fotolia.com

A ship of immense proportions, the Titanic measured 882.5 feet long by 92 feet wide by 110 feet tall, according to Titanic: The Artifact Exhibit. The size of this ship could not save it from sinking after striking an iceberg one cold April night in 1912. Although children would love to build a ship of this magnitude, reality makes it impossible. However, you can assist your children in crafts to preserve the fascination of Titanic without putting a damper on their spirit. Create crafts with children to help them to learn more about this ship.

Titanic Mail

The Titanic during its ocean crossing not only ferried passengers, but millions of pieces of mail. When the ship sank, an estimated six to nine million letters and packages were lost, according to Titanic: The Artifact Exhibit. Encourage children to write a letter either from a passenger aboard the Titanic, or a letter which someone might have been sending from Europe to the United States aboard the Titanic. After handwriting the letter, have them design an envelope to enclose the letter in.

Ship's Model

Create a model of the Titanic using a kit. Look for these model kits made from wood or plastic at hobby stores. Alternatively, use your own materials such as modeling clay or cut wood to create your own model of the Titanic.

Shadow Box

Create a shadow box showing the Titanic hitting the iceberg, using a shoebox placed on its side for the box. Color or paste a picture of the Northern Atlantic ocean on the bottom and back of the box, and insert a small model ship of the Titanic on the bottom of the shadow box. Set a tiny piece of white foam cut into an iceberg shape on the other side of the shadow box to complete the image.

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