Tips on Paint by Number

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Paint by Number can be an extremely enjoyable and rewarding process, but all of the numbers and paints can place pretty intimidating at first. With the correct tips and tricks, you can paint by number with ease and be able to admire your beautiful piece of artwork.


Before you even begin painting, there are some things you can do to make your experience faster and more enjoyable. Make sure the subject is one that you will enjoy painting, as you will be more motivated to finish it. Clear a flat surface and cover it with something to protect it. This will make your clean-up process a lot faster than scrubbing a table. Wear an apron or old shirt, as painting can get messy and you don't want to ruin your favorite clothing. Fill a plastic cup with water to clean your brush, and have some rags or paper towels handy. Before you even place your paintbrush to the canvas, make sure you read all of the directions listed in the kit thoroughly.


When you begin painting, paint every single number associated with the specific color you are using--don't swap between colors. If you have to keep switching back to a color you didn't finish, it will make the process much longer and more frustrating. When switching to a new color, make sure your brush is clean so that you don't mix colors by mistake. It is much easier if you paint the smallest areas first, so that you don't cover them when painting the other larger areas. Allow the paint by number to dry thoroughly before you display your work of art.