Things You Can Make Out of Burlap Coffee Sacks

sunny burlap background image by joanna wnuk from

After a burlap coffee sack is empty, do not simply throw away the sack. You can recycle the burlap for different uses, since it is a heavy-duty cloth with good strength. Because of this, it lends itself well to a variety of projects. By using you imagination, the possibilities become almost endless.

Wall Hanging

Cut the sack apart, so you end up with a long piece of cloth. Sew loops on either side, and pass a dowel or old broomstick through the ends. Use water-based paints to paint a picture on the burlap, and hang it on your wall.

Ancient Attire

Many peasants during Medieval times wore tunics and dresses made out of burlap cloth. Use the cloth to make peasant attire, to be worn at antique fairs. Use pictures to familiarize yourself with medieval attire, and fashion clothes accordingly.


Purses can be made out of burlap cloth. These are attractive, and if sewn properly, will last for years. You can even make the handles out of burlap by sewing tubes about 2 inches in diameter, and turning the tubes so the seams are on the inside. Look at pictures for inspiration, and style your own.

Speaker Cloth

If you have speakers that need the cloth replaced, it can be replaced with burlap. Because the weave is very coarse, it allows sound to travel through quite readily. Using burlap will give the speakers an antique look, such as on the radios used before World War II.