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Madonna Cone Bra Costume Ideas

The cone bra was first created by French designer Jean Paul Gaultier. It gained international recognition when Madonna wore a rocket version of it during her Blonde Ambition world tour in 1990. Creating your own version of Madonna's cone bra costume doesn't have to be expensive or difficult. By using items commonly found in a fabric or craft shop and checking your surroundings for inspiration, you can create a one-of-a-kind cone bra costume.


Madonna's original cone bra was made in satin, but other materials should suffice. Walk through a local fabric store to familiarize yourself with various types of fabrics. For instance, if satin doesn't quite have the stretch you are looking for, try nylon, spandex or Lycra. Other fabrics that may catch your fancy include velvet, lace and faux fur. These can be wrapped and glued to painted shave-ice cones to make the bra.


The original cone bra was attached to a corset and had a relatively simple design. As the designer, you have flexibility to make the bra as simple or as elaborate as you like. You may decide to follow suit and work with a monotone color, or choose an animal print design, such as a zebra or leopard print. Create a design you would feel both comfortable and proud to wear.


Sequins such as faux jewels or strands of pearls cascading along the costume edges add a finishing touch to the design. Many craft shops have decorative beads and studs that may be easily attached to the costume using a glue gun, a staple gun or basic needle-and-thread methods. Visit your local craft shop before beginning the design process. Remember that accessories are not limited to what can be attached to the cone bra costume itself. Sometimes a playful belt or long-beaded necklaces or silly eye glasses are necessary to complete the outfit.


With any design project, it may help to create an inspiration board as a guidance tool. If you have no idea which fabrics you like or which patterns appeal to you, cut and paste printed objects or designs that catch your interest onto a standard square cardboard. This may range from a lampshade you thought was unique to a particular color tone. When you see a pattern develop on the board, you can transfer those ideas onto the cone bra costume. For instance, if you notice that the color orange is a recurring color and you really like the lampshade; you may opt for a bold orange cone bra costume with attached mini lampshades or tassels covering the breast region.

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