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If you've got a bunch of mismatched buttons hanging around, don't despair. There are lots of craft ideas that can make your buttons shine and give them a new life. Next time your kids are bored, pull out a bowl of buttons and let them have a ball.


Cut 12-inch pieces of a ribbon of your choice, and use craft glue to attach a button at one or both ends of the ribbon. This is a creative way to hold your place in a book and these can turn out really cute. Make a few to give as gifts for your kids' teachers. They don't cost much either so it's cost effective. Coordinate the ribbon with the buttons for a cute effect.


Make button bracelets or necklaces by stringing the buttons on jewelry elastic or leather. Tie the ends together once you've completed your creation. Use as many buttons as you like. You could also sew the buttons onto a piece of elastic so they are flat, if you want to make more of a bold statement. Attach buttons to earring hooks to decorate your ears with funky buttons. The possibilities are endless when it comes to making jewelry with buttons.


Grab some construction paper and glue to make button pictures. Let kids glue buttons onto paper and make funny faces, animals, the sun or anything else their heart desires. Mix and match button colors and sizes and let them add embellishments to their button creations with markers and crayons. Making button masterpieces is a perfect way to while away a boring weekend.


Colorful buttons can liven up a plain photo frame, mirror, hairbrush, bracelet, headband or just about anything you want them to. All you need is a glue gun to add buttons to any number of things. A multitude of buttons on frames looks adorable and this can be a good gift. Make a button headband by gluing a few large, bold buttons on top of a headband. Look around you and see what needs to be livened up and have some fun with buttons.


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