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How to Tap a Button Faster in Video Games

Many classic console games required rapid button pressing to run or shoot faster, and even as games have grown more complicated, the industry has yet to outgrow the mechanic of repeated button presses. These days, these events mostly take the form of quick time events, with titles such as "God of War" and the Batman "Arkham" series requiring fast tapping for even the smallest of actions, such as opening a door. Learning a few tricks won't get you to the level of Takahashi-meijin, who became famous for pressing a button 16 times per second, but at least you'll get through without a sore thumb.

Put Down the Controller

The most basic step to pressing a button faster is to give up on using your thumb. Instead, put the controller in your lap and hammer with your index finger. To eke out a bit more speed, tap with both of your index fingers at once or alternate between two fingers to keep from tiring during extended tapping sequences.

Rub Across the Button

Rather than move your entire hand up and down, shorten the time it takes for each press by rubbing back and forth across the surface of a button. To keep your finger from catching on the button's edge, wrap your hand in the end of your shirt. Alternatively, on controllers with sufficiently shallow buttons, rub a pencil eraser across the button.

Takahashi's Method

To emulate the button-pressing master, brace your thumb against your middle finger and place the side of your middle finger on the button. Quickly vibrate up and down with small motions from the forearm, rather than moving your fingers or wrist.

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