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The History of Jay Turser Guitars

The History of Jay Turser Guitars
Diane Dilov-Schultheis

Jay Turser is a name known well among musicians, especially those who play guitar. Jay Turser is a guitar manufacturer that has made it possible for many young and under-funded guitar enthusiasts to be able to purchase an affordable guitar. There are several types and models of guitars and other guitar accessories produced under the name Jay Turser.


Jay Turser guitars were first created in 1988 and grew in popularity during the 1990s. Design and construction centered on affordability and great sound quality. These guitars main goal was to allow an average musician a great sounding guitar for a reasonable price. American Music and Sound acquired Jay Turser in June 2006. The company continues the development of the brand.


Jay Turser offers a wide-ranging selection of inexpensive guitars in various types. Musician's first starting out typically do not have a significant amount of money to spend on guitar equipment. With the introduction of Jay Turser guitars, this became a problem of the past. The company also produces a line of six affordable amps. Jay Turser received the Guitar Player's 2004 Readers Choice Award for Ultimate Value.


Jay Turser guitars are obtainable in several types. There are six jazz guitars, ten bass guitars, ten acoustic guitars and three guitar kits that include an electric guitar, gig bag, strap, pick and amp. The most popular type of Jay Turser guitar is the electric type. Choose from more than thirty styles of electric guitars divided among six different series. Other types include nine Jay Junior (acoustic) and two JJ Heart guitars.


Jay Turser guitars are a combination of original modern concepts and established styles. These guitars are available in copies of other well-known guitars such as the Gibson, Jazzmaster, Les Paul, Precision Bass and John Lennon model guitars. Choose from varying numbers of frets, humbucker pickups, stings and necks. The guitars are offered in numerous colors, finishes and with different features as well.


Jay Turser guitars began using the Graph Tech NuBone nuts and saddles in 2008. This provided the guitars with superior tuning abilities and a better quality tone. It also added more precision string slotting to the design. Each nut and saddle added to Jay Turser guitars are created to precise specifications and custom fitted to each guitar model.

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