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The Differences Between Takamine CTP-1 and CTP-2 Guitars

In addition to guitars, Takamine also makes preamps for guitar amplification. Its CTP-1 and CTP-2 preamps are on-board preamp systems that function through tube amplification. A preamp provides amplification and is mounted within the guitar itself. The Takamines have a signature "Cool Tube" preamp system that attempts to overcome the limitations of standard guitar pickups.


The key element of Takimine’s Cool Tube system is a palathetic pickup, a “device which allows optimal transference of the vibration from the guitar to the circuitry of the preamp,” according to TakamineGuitars.eu. A 12AU7 valve delivers the tone through a low voltage circuit.


The Cool Tube Preamp system gives a plugged-in acoustic guitar an unplugged quality. It's supposed to have a complete three-dimensional sound quality that is still audible at low levels.


The Takamine CTP-1 has an on-board tuner for precise tuning as well as an auxiliary input jack with a volume knob. The knob makes it possible for the player to "control an additional add-on pickup” according to ProMusicAustralia.com. The 12AU7 tube stored beneath the back panel runs at a low voltage. This means the guitar body will not overheat while running the preamp. An EQ, or equalizer section, makes it possible to adjust bass and treble frequencies during performances.


The CTP-2 is the updated model of the CTP-1 preamp. The CTP-2 can blend in with an input signal, a chromatic tuner and the EQ. The CTP-2 also runs at a low voltage so it won't bother the wood of the guitar. The CTP-2 has a quicker warm-up time and lower noise than the CTP-1. The CTP-2 also was designed to eliminate the volume swell that occurred on the CTP-1 when the tube effect increased. Four double A batteries provide 24 hours of playing time.

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