The Best Way to Ship Vinyl Records

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Things You'll Need

  • Record mailer box
  • Plastic sleeves
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packaging tape
  • Magic markers

Special boxes referred to as record mailers are specifically designed for shipping and handling vinyl records. If you are sending a vinyl record in the mail, the best way to ensure its safe arrival is to use a record mailer and bubble wrap. Consider shipping the record via priority mail as well. This shortens the amount of time it spends being bounced around in the mailing process.

Purchase record mailer boxes for the vinyl records. Record mailer boxes are available online (See Resources) or at box and supply stores. Record mailer boxes are available for single LPs, multiple LPs and 45s. Purchase clear plastic sleeves for the records as well.

Remove the vinyl record and sleeve from the album cover. Leave the record in its paper sleeve. Purchase a new sleeve if the record does not have a paper sleeve or if the sleeve is in bad condition.

Place the record into a plastic sleeve. Wrap the record in bubble wrap. Place the album cover in the record mailer box and place the record on top of it. If you are placing multiple records in one box, put an extra layer of bubble wrap between the records.

Place the four filler pieces in the corners. The filler pieces come with the record mailer box. They prevent the record or records from sliding in the box. Fill the empty spaces along the edges of the box with newspaper or extra bubble wrap.

Fold the short sides of the record mailer box and then the two longer sides. Secure the box with packaging tape. Write "Fragile" and "Handle With Care" on the top and bottom sides of the box.