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Homemade Liquid Vinyl-Record Cleaner Recipe

Despite the trend toward all music going digital, vinyl records still remain relevant and in demand. Most stereophiles will tell you that vinyl is far and away the best format with which to listen to music, and many independent music cultures still rely heavily on it. Good though the medium is, it is also delicate, so it's a good idea to keep cleaner spray on hand at all times.

Laura Dearbon's Method

Mix one part isopropyl alcohol to three parts diluted water. This is the basis for all record cleaning sprays. For best results, use lab-grade isopropyl with triple deionized water. Both of these ingredients can be found relatively cheaply at a chemical supply store. Mix in an empty spray bottle.

Soundstage Method

Mix 1 pint of isopropyl alcohol with one-half gallon of distilled water. Add 2 oz. of Lysol Antibacterial All-Purpose Cleaner, 20 to 30 drops of Kodak Photo-Flo, then mix with a second half-gallon of distilled water. If Kodak Photo-Flo is unavailable, a small amount of dish detergent may be substituted. Pour into empty spray bottle or any bottle with a small opening, allowing you to control the application of the cleaner.

Jonathan Scull ("Stereophile Magazine") Method

Mix three parts distilled water with one part isopropyl alcohol. Add 10 drops of Kodak Photo-Flo and 10 drops of Lysol Antibacterial All-Purpose Cleaner.

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