The Best Places to Put Billboards

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Many advertisers post their messages on public billboards. These billboards may be print or electronic, and they might not be static. Billboards can be mobile and in taxis, buses, airplanes and even on people. The rules for billboards vary from state to state. There are also certain advertisements not allowed, such as these for alcoholic products.

Near Schools

Billboards near schools are good for products and services targeted at youth, whether children, teens or college students. This way, young customers get more information and promos that add value to the business' products and services, branding and sales. The students travel everyday and often see these advertisements.

Near Offices and Buildings

For products and services for adults, the working class and the executives, posting billboards near offices and buildings allows customers to be updated with the latest information about products and services they typically or occasionally use. These ads can be geared toward spending for luxury and spending for necessity.

Near Bus Terminals and Train Stations

Products and services showcasing mass appeal are usually near bus terminals and train stations. Since there are usually waiting times in between transits and hopping in the next bus or train, these locations make it easier for businesses to reach their potential customers. Such busy places offer more time for ad exposure to target markets.

Near Hotels and Other Commercial Establishments

Commercial and tourist spots, especially those in cities and downtown areas, are premier locations for billboards. Since these areas are economic centers and financial hubs, advertisements thrive. Billboards targeting specific or general markets are often near hotels, hospitals, dining areas, malls and major highways. There is typically a fine mix of print and electronic billboards, along with permanent and mobile ads.


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