The Best Kind of Marker for Drawing Anime

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Anime is one of the better-known styles of animation in Japan, from their television series to popular Manga series, or comic books. Artists all over the world have turned to creating anime of their own, both traditionally and digitally. Some of the defining factors anime has include thicker outlines and cell shading, or shading an image by using various colors. In order to draw anime, artists must use pens with a solid flow of ink as well as artist grade markers. These tools include Micron and Rapidograph pens for the outline and markers by Copic and Prismacolor for cell shading.

Micron Pens

The ink used inside of the Micron pen is formulated so it doesn’t feather or bleed once it’s been drawn onto the page. The ink dries quickly and won’t fade from UV lighting. The pens come in a variety of sizes, from .005 being the smallest tip, and 0.8 being the largest. The variety of nib or point sizes allows artists to use varying lines. Micron pens aren’t refillable and can be thrown away once they’ve run out of ink.

Rapidograph Pens

Like the Micron, the Rapidograph pen comes with an array of nib or point choices. Artists can buy the Rapidograph pen in a pack of three to seven pens in all, or they can purchase one at a time. Individuals can also take the pen apart and refill the ink reservoir under the nib with new ink. One thing to keep in mind however is that the pen must remain upright when not in use to avoid clogging. Artists should also gently clean the outside of the nib after each use with a tissue.

Copic Markers

Copic markers are known among artists for the dual tip as well as being able to replace the ink inside the marker once it’s run dry. Copic markers come in various sizes, from the slims some use to outline, to the wides, allowing artists to color larger areas in a shorter amount of time. Due to their higher price tag, new artists can purchase Copics in sets of twelve or one at a time.

Prismacolor Markers

Prismacolor markers are a safe alternative for those who cannot afford the Copic brand. Like Copics, Prismacolor Markers use a dual tip system where one side of the marker is thicker than the other. These markers won’t fade or feather once they’re put onto paper. However, at this time, Prismacolor Markers aren’t refillable. So instead of changing the ink of the markers, artists will need to purchase a new one.


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