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Facts About Crayola Markers

Facts About Crayola Markers

Crayola has been one of the most popular makers of coloring implements--crayons, colored pencils and markers--for generations. Here are some fun trivia and facts about Crayola markers.


Crayola makes about 465 million markers every year, with new types of marker being introduced regularly.


There were only eight colors of Crayola arkers in 1978. Thirty years later, in 2008, there were many different types of markers. Among the most popular choices are Color Changeables, Window Markers, Flip Top Markers, Pip-Squeaks, Twistables and TaDoodles. Now there is a new Crayola marker called Crayola Beginnings First Markers, made for toddlers ages one and up.

Specialty Markers

Crayola also produces markers for special projects. Fabric markers can draw on fabric, similar to fabric paint. There are also washable markers made by Crayola, making washing the stains out of clothing and off of surfaces much easier.


Since Crayola makes their products with kids in mind, all of their markers are non-toxic.

Not Just for Kids

Many adults enjoy using them for a variety of projects such as artwork, diagrams, crafting projects and work-related projects.

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