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The Best Flooring to Put Under a Billiard Table

Installing the right flooring under your billiards table will make game night more enjoyable.
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If you're thinking of adding a billiards or pool table to your family room or game room, you'll need to prepare the space in advance of delivery. For example, you will need to make sure there is quality flooring in the area underneath and around the table. Make sure the flooring you choose will keep the table level and sturdy. Various flooring types will do this, while also being durable and easy to clean game after game.

Area Rug

A thick area rug is always one of the best flooring options for underneath a pool table, because it will not move around. Your pool table will stay level and the balls will land smoothly if they are ever knocked off the table onto the floor. Choose an area rug that is easy to clean if food or drinks get spilled while playing. Try to find an area rug that will complement the pool table and its felt to give your room a complete look.


Linoleum is another excellent flooring option for underneath your pool table. Linoleum stays in place and will keep your pool table level. If balls ever get knocked off the table, they will not do too much damage to the floor. The durability of linoleum makes it easy to clean and long lasting. Try to find a company that will install your flooring for a good price and offer a warranty. If you want to do it yourself, linoleum will not be too hard to cut and install.


Tile is a good option for those looking to put a nice flooring under their pool table. Tile will give you the option to be creative and make a unique design that will work well with your pool table. Another good thing about tile is that it is easy to clean if any food or drinks are spilled. However, tile has a few drawbacks. It is more expensive than other options and also has the chance to break if a ball is knocked off the table and onto the floor.

Rubber Mats

This type of flooring offers many advantages. Rubber mats are durable and long lasting, ensuring that you get your money's worth out of this flooring option. When looking for rubber mats, you will find they come in many colors giving you the option to find some that will match the decor of the room. Rubber mats are also easy to clean if anything is spilled while playing pool. These mats are not very expensive, and are easy to remove and replace if you want to change the flooring later.

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