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Care Instructions for Voile Fabric

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Voile is washable and generally easy to care for. The fabric, which may be made of cotton, rayon or silk, is typically used for making sheer, lightweight curtains. It is also used for dresses and blouses. The finest examples of voile come from England or France. Whenever washing voile, follow all the manufacturer's instructors.

Voile Fabric & Its Care

Sheer, lightweight voile often has a frosty appearance and typically has a wiry texture with a firm, crisp finish. The fabric ranges from ultra fine to gauzy and both gather and drape well, making it perfect for curtain sheers. Voile's clear surface is achieved by singeing away the fuzzy yarns on the fabric's exterior side.

Basic care of voile is simple. When cleaning voile, wash it in cold water (approximately 40 degrees Fahrenheit) on a delicate cycle. Voile should be hung out or laid flat to dry. Later, iron on a cool setting.

If your voile gets stained, the best way to clean it will largely depend on the type of stain. Moreover, it will depend on the color of your voile. For white curtains, you can use bleach. But in instances where bleach is not an option, consider making a paste of baking soda and borax with water. Put the paste on the stain and leave it sit for an hour then launder your voile as usual. There are many commercially made stain removers that you could use on cotton voile. Be sure to read your manufacturer's label for your voile's material content and select a stain remover that works on your type of voile.

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