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How to Clean Durapella Furniture

Durapella is a line of sofas, love seats, and recliners manufactured by Ashley Furniture, featuring Durapella fabric. Durapella is a fabric designed to be easy to clean and easy to care for, while being functional and stylish. During the course of its life, it is inevitable that a sofa will either get stained or need to be cleaned. Clean up all spots and spills as soon as they occur, to ensure the spill does not seep into the padding or cushioning beneath the fabric. This can distort the shape of the fabric or lead to smells that can be extremely difficult or impossible to remove.

Things You'll Need:

  • Soft-Bristled Brush
  • Dry Towel Or Rag
  • Water-Based Shampoo Or Foam Upholstery Cleaner
  • Soft Cloth

Lay a towel or rag against any wet stains or spots. Press down to absorb any remaining liquid.

Spray any spots or stains with a thin, even layer of a water-based shampoo or foam upholstery cleaner. Allow the soap to work into the stain for five to 10 minutes, depending on the size and type of stain.

Dampen a soft cloth under cool running water. Wring the cloth so it is damp, not soaking wet. Dab at the spots to remove soap residue.

Repeat this process until the stain has been lifted and removed.

Allow the Durapella to air-dry.

Use a soft-bristled brush, such as a microfiber or suede brush, to lightly brush the fabric. This will restore the appearance of the fabric.


For routine cleaning, use the upholstery attachment on your vacuum cleaner to vacuum the couch to remove dirt and dust. If needed, the couch can be wiped with a dampened cloth. Once completely dry, brush the fabric with a soft-bristled brush to restore its appearance.

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