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50th Birthday Party Game Ideas

Alexa Smahl/Demand Media

Whether you're planning a 50th birthday party for yourself or someone else, adding a splash of creativity helps make it a memorable milestone celebration. Many 50th birthday parties are themed, which is a good place to start when thinking of games to keep your guests entertained. If the party doesn't have a theme, consider focusing on the decade the birthday guy or gal was born or grew up in and designing games based on that era.

Musical Games

Alexa Smahl/Demand Media

Because this is a 50th milestone birthday, consider playing music-related games centered around the decade the person was born. One such game: Name that Tune, in which you play short samples of music from 50 years ago and players have three chances to guess the tune. Another idea is Spin the Microphone, which involves sitting or standing in a circle and -- as you might have guessed -- spinning a microphone in the center; whomever the microphone lands on must sing the first lyric of the designated song. Spin the microphone again, and the next person the it lands on recites the second lyric. A player that breaks the chain is eliminated.

Trivia Games

Alexa Smahl/Demand Media

A 50th birthday celebration is a time to take a trip down memory lane. Play a trivia game that focuses on the era the guest of honor was in his late teens to early 20s. For example, if that was between 1970 to 1980, create trivia questions from categories such as music, movies and television that represent that era. Sample question: "In what movie released in 1975 was the phrase, 'We're gonna need a bigger boat' uttered?" Of course, the answer is "Jaws." Another idea is to look for a decade edition of a classic trivia game. For example, Trivial Pursuit has a "Totally 80s" edition.

Murder Mystery Games

Alexa Smahl/Demand Media

Staging your own murder mystery is a way to intrigue your guests and keep them thinking on their feet. It involves designating guests as key players in a murder mystery. When the party is in full swing, someone gets "murdered," and guests look out for clues to try to solve the mystery. While you can create your own murder mystery game, including any theme you want -- such as Hollywood murder mysteries or a "Clue"-type game -- you can also search party stores for a premade murder mystery game.

Themed Games

Alexa Smahl/Demand Media

If the 50th birthday party has a theme, create games that align with that theme. For example, for a milestone birthday with a 1970s theme, guests may enjoy playing tag-team karaoke featuring disco songs from the '70s. In tag-team karaoke, teams of two players take turns singing sections of songs. Teams who mess up, or break the flow are eliminated. If the theme is James Bond, bring in professional card dealers for casino games such as black Jack, roulette, craps and poker.

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