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Tag Heuer Carerra Chronograph

The Carrera chronograph by Tag Heuer was introduced in 1964. It was designed by Jack Heuer, the great-grandson of Edouard Heuer who founded the company bearing his name in 1860. Today's Carrera's have a great design, they are available in date only and day/date models. The subdials are second hand at nine o'clock, minutes at 12 and hours at six. Additional versions include brown aluminum bezel/brown dial, polished steel bezel/silver dial, bracelet made with five-row alternate fine brushed and polished steel, black or brown alligator strap or black rubber strap.


Dimensions: 41 mm case diameter Movement: TAG Heuer Calibre 16, automatic chronograph Crystal: Domed sapphire crystal Bracelet: Five-row alternate fine-brushed and polished steel bracelet with solid steel folding clasp and safety push buttons; Black or brown alligator strap or black rubber, with steel folding clasp and safety push buttons Water resistance: 100 m. Case back: Scratch-resistant sapphire clear case back, visible movement

Sizing the Bracelet

To size the bracelet you need a pair of forceps and a pin removal tool, available for less than $10 at most jewelry stores. Determine how many links you need to remove and then hold the band in one hand while holding the pin removal tool in the other hand. There is a small arrow on the back of bracelet that shows which way the pins should be pushed out. Use the pin end of the tool to push out the pins. The small tube that holds the pin in place should come out with the pin, and then the links will come apart. Save the links as you may wish someday to sell the watch to someone with bigger wrists. When replacing links, put the tube into the hole first, followed by the pin and then push down on a hard flat surface. The pin should pop right in. If this seems too difficult, jewelry stores will often offer this service free of charge.

Winding watch, setting time, and using chronograph

The Tag Heuer Carrera Chronograph is an automatic watch. There is no battery; the pendulum visible in the case back rotates with the movement of your arm, keeping the watch going. However, it can also be wound manually using the center crown. If the timepiece stops completely, wind the center crown 10 to 15 times and your arm movement will do the rest.

To set the date, pull the crown out halfway and turn clockwise. The numbers on the date wheel will advance. If your watch is the day/date model, turning the crown from this position counter-clockwise will advance the day of the week.

To set the time, pull out the crown as far as you can and turn it in either direction to set the time. The chronograph functions as either a stop watch or a large second hand. To start it, press down on the top button above the crown. This starts the large needle moving. It can then be stopped with the same button and reset back to the 12 o'clock position with the button below the crown.


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