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Super Joystick TV Game Instructions

Connect the Power Player Super Joy III to your television's RCA port.
Clavija RCA amarilla image by ANTEQUERANUS from Fotolia.com

The Power Player Super Joy III game packages hundreds of games from the vintage Nintendo Entertainment System into one controller unit, with optional support for a second controller or light gun. While many of the games are foreign variations on the same titles, there are still many titles to choose from. Connecting and using the system is a matter of hooking up to your television, choosing a game and playing.

Connect the Super Joy III's power adapter to the port on the upper right side of the controller, and plug the other end into a power outlet.

Connect the second controller to the "Gun/2nd Joystick" port at the center of the controller's upper edge. Connect the included light gun instead if you are planning to play a Zapper-based game such as "Duck Hunt" or "Hogan's Alley."

Connect the included RCA lead to the "Audio" and "Video" ports on the upper left side of the controller. Plug the other end of the lead into the yellow and white "A/V" or "Aux" ports of your television. Turn the television on and tune to the "AV" or "Video" channel.

Turn the "Power" switch on the controller's top-right corner on. Use the D-pad to scroll through the list of available games and press the lower green "Start" button to launch your chosen game. Press the red "Reset" button to return to the game list at any time during gameplay.


Many games on the Super Joy III are foreign versions of the same game. Choose the version of the title whose name is in English and followed by "E" or "U" to play the English-language version of the game. If you are playing a game with password saves, remember which version you selected, as your password will not work on other versions.


  • The Super Joy III does not include any kind of "Save State" function, so be careful not to hit "Reset" during play or your progress will be lost.
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