Straw Tower Ideas

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A tower is any structure that is taller than it is wide. Towers are built for a multitude of purposes, such as housing clocks or bells as well as providing military defense. You can create your own freestanding model tower using simple craft materials and regular drinking straws.

Straw Cube Tower

Build a tower using straw cubes. You will need duct tape or durable adhesive for this project. Lay down a straw vertically and align as many straws as needed to make a square. Tape the straws together. Repeat to create five additional squares. Tape the squares together to form a cube. Tape additional straws near the edge of the frame to create a recess. Each edge should be two straws thick. Create as many cubes as you wish. Stack cubes together to create a tower.

Tower Design Contest

Organize a competition to see which straw structure can support the most weight. Set a time limit and a minimum height requirement. Allow only certain materials to be used, such as straight pins or duct tape, and see which person or group can create the most fortified tower. Test the strength of the tower by seeing how much weight it can support.

Various Connectors

Straws must be connected to each other in order to stay structurally sound. Construct a variety of towers using different adhesives to learn which connecter works best. Try masking tape, duct tape, scotch tape, glue, pins, paperclips or by inserting straws into each other. In addition, set ground rules for construction. For example, tape or adhesive can only be used at the joints, or that each structure should be able to hold a certain amount of weight.

Replicate Existing Towers

Have you ever wanted to visit the Eiffel Tower, Leaning Tower of Pisa or Big Ben? Why not make your own version of these famous structures? Research different towers throughout history and see if you can emulate their construction using straws and tape. See how accurately you can copy these structures. You can also paint or decorations to make them appear more realistic. When you’re finished, take a photo and put side by side a photo of the real tower and see how you compare.