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Spray Paint Splatter Tricks

Splatter effects should make a shape out of a burst of paint.
Hemera Technologies/AbleStock.com/Getty Images

Spray paint can be used for a variety of effects, which are created by the angle and distance of the spray nozzle from the surface being painted on. You get a splatter effect when the spray can is held close to the surface and you press down on the nozzle, making a burst of paint shoot out. Mastering the splatter technique is part of what defines graffiti graphic style.

Trick No. 1: Drippy Spot

Hold the can inches from the desired canvas, with the spray nozzle facing directly toward the surface you wish to paint. The angle of the nozzle to the surface will determine the shape, density and consistency of the sprayed paint. This "trick" enables the artist to create a highly concentrated spot of spray paint, where the drips are part of the effect of having the spray can close to the painted surface.

Spraying the Drippy Spot

Drippy spots appear like regular paint from a distance.
NA/Photos.com/Getty Images

Hold down the nozzle while the can is in this position. As it begins to spray a thick dot on the surface, discontinue spraying. Be careful not to spray for so long that the paint will run completely down the surface. Instead, it is ideal that the drips are minimal, so they appear as part of the spot. The resulting effect should be a drippy spot on the surface.

Trick No. 2: Creating Sprayed Texture

Hold the can a foot from the desired surface. Push a series of short bursts of the spray can in different areas of the surface. This should create a sprayed texture of whatever color paint being used, where it appears as if a spray can was used to add a minimal burst of color.

Trick No. 3: Using Cardboard

Cardboard helps to create defined shading texture.
Jupiterimages/Comstock/Getty Images

Holding a piece of cardboard in front of the spray nozzle creates different splatter effects, which can be used to create more shading or texture on the painting surface. The cardboard ensures the spray doesn't go everywhere and is directed to a specific area on the painted surface.

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