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Spray Paint Drip Styles

Create your own spray paint drips by trial and error.
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Spray paint drip styles is a technique that is commonly used in graffiti art and creating artistic effects in image programs such as Photoshop. In order to understand how to create your own spray paint drip art work, the ideal way to learn is to pick up a spray can and experiment with the can. Create long drips, short drips or stylized drips, the variety of dripping effects that can be created will add style and personality to any art work.

Research Spray Can Drip Styles

Research graffiti and spray can art online. Investigate the various spray paint effects that you find and look at the different types of dripping and their effects. Some drips are accidental and some purposeful. Sketch a few ideas of the types of shapes that can be used to create good spray paint drips.

Pick Up Your Can

Pick up your spray can and find an empty wall. Ensure the wall is on your own property or in a legally allocated graffiti area.

Paint Your Own Drip Styles

Press gently in the center of the cap until spray paint starts to spray out. Hold your can two inches from the wall and draw a circle. Try a few attempts until you understand how the can works. Once you have a circular shape, hold the can closer to the wall and hold the cap down firmly. You will see that the paint runs down and creates long, watery drips.

Splatter Drips

Hold your spray can at least five inches from the wall. Shake up your can to release the pressure. Press the back of the spray can cap gently until paint starts to slowly splatter out. Aim your can towards the wall and continue this effect. Flick the can downwards while paint splatters against the wall. This will let more paint fall out of the can and create small, splattered drip effects.

Blown Drips

Turn your can to the pavement or a piece of paper to create different types of dripping effects. On walls, drip styles can generally only fall downwards. When working horizontally face the can parallel against the ground. Spray the paint two inches from the surface and while consistently spraying hard, the paint will begin to run and pile up on the spot. Blow over the paint or wave a piece of cardboard over the wet paint to create spray paint drip styles branching out from your central point of color.

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