Space-Themed Costume Ideas

David McNew/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Outer space offers a treasure trove of different costume ideas for Halloween celebrations and costume parties. The vastness of space is complimented by a vast array of space costume ideas that go above and beyond your typical astronaut or rocket costume. With a little bit of creativity and a few items from your local costume shop or fabric store you can beam into a space costume that is out of this world.

Planets, Meteors and Other Heavenly Bodies

Create a costume featuring your favorite heavenly body such as a planet, meteorite, star or satellite. For an easy costume of your favorite space object, create a mask using a large piece of cardboard and acrylic paint. Wear a matching dark blue or black sweatsuit to make the mask look like it's hanging in space. Your whole body can be transformed into a space object if you don't want to wear a mask by creating a sandwich board design instead and wearing it over your torso. Add accessories like hula hoops on fishing wire for Saturn's rings.

Space Aliens

Since we have yet to be contacted by little green men from Mars, making a space alien costume is easy because nobody knows what an alien might look like. Go the traditional route with a bug-eyed, gray-skinned alien mask and a silver body suit for a Roswell alien. Make up your own alien creature by adding different costume accessories like antennae, horns and wings to a space suit of your design. Use stage makeup to pull off that inhuman look or add glow-in-the-dark components for an otherworldly special effect.

Sci-Fi Characters

Outer space has been a popular setting for many stories, movies and TV shows throughout the years, spawning several ideas for space-themed costumes. Wear a robe and carry a light saber to be a Jedi from "Star Wars" or purchase a Federation uniform from a costume shop to be an Enterprise crew member from "Star Trek." There are plenty of sci-fi space characters for women too, from Leeloo from "The Fifth Element" to Starbuck from the remake of "Battlestar Galactica."

Space Variation

Think outside of the box and try a creative space variation of another costume idea. Adding some reflective material, silver hairspray and other futuristic accessories can transform you into a space version of anything, from a space cowboy with a shiny silver hat and laser pistol, to a space hobo wearing reflective rags. Zombies are always a popular costume idea, so be a space zombie by wearing a ripped up astronaut suit, applying zombie makeup to your face and fake blood on the rips in the suit.