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Solo Darts Games

Playing alone for practice will sharpen your skills.
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The game of darts is considered both a team sport and an individual sport; most team games can be adapted for a single player for practice purposes. The majority of dart games are based around scoring points or reaching totals to complete the game. The practice element is to improve accuracy in the player’s ability and at the same time make practicing an enjoyable experience.

Round the Clock

In Round the Clock, you begin by throwing a dart aimed for the No. 1 segment of the board. If you hit that segment successfully, throw the next dart at the No. 2 segment. The rules state that you cannot move on to any subsequent number until the current number has been successfully obtained. When you reach No. 20, you must then hit the outer ring and then the inner ring of the bull's-eye to finish the game. To set a personal challenge, you can aim to complete the game in fewer darts each time.

’01 Darts Game

The classic 301 or 501 down game begins with the player scoring as high as possible until she reaches a point where she can finish the game by hitting a double segment or the outer bull's-eye ring.

This is identical to the competition game that two players fight out between themselves, but it can still be played by solo players. You try to lower your score to zero, throwing three darts on each turn. If your score goes lower than one or zero, you have "bust" and must replay your three darts to finish the game. Your score is returned to the same score you had before your last turn.

Diddle for Middle

This is a reverse version of the ’01 game, where a player aims to score exactly 501 or 301 — predetermined by the player prior to beginning — from the zero position. With every throw of three darts the score is increased until you hit exactly 501 or 301. You must begin the game by hitting any "double" segment of the board and finish the game by hitting the appropriate "double" segment according to the amount you have remaining.

If you hit a higher score on your final turn, you have "bust." The turn is wiped out and you must replay the turn.


Ace is another good practice game by which a random number is selected for each round. You must score the exact amount to "win" the game. Any segment of the board can be hit, but the scoring amounts according to the type of segment. Single segments count as one point, doubles are worth two and treble segments worth three points. The outer bull ring is four points and the bull's-eye is six.

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