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Simple Toothpick Building Projects

Toothpicks can be the basis for a building project.
toothpicks image by timur1970 from Fotolia.com

Toothpicks are a classic craft material that allow you to put together innovative projects without paying for costly crafting materials. The types of projects you can make out of toothpicks are as limitless as your imagination warrants, and they can be used for science fair projects or just a creative activity for kids on a rainy afternoon.

Christmas Craft

Toothpicks are an ideal material for building a Christmas project. A Christmas tree ornament can be made from toothpicks, particularly the red and green toothpicks that are found in stores around the holidays. You can build a small square frame out of toothpicks and some glue, and then attach a child's photo behind the frame. A loop of ribbon will allow you to hang the ornament from the tree. Or, make a small tree out of the toothpicks by gluing toothpicks at a diagonal along one vertical toothpick, mirroring the look of a Christmas fir. This can also be hung as an ornament with a bit of ribbon.

Cabin Project

A log cabin project is often made from products like Lincoln logs, but a small scale cabin craft can be built using simple toothpicks. The toothpicks can be laid on top of one another and glued in place to make the four walls of the cabin, and then panels made from toothpicks can be laid on top of the structure for a roof. With some scissors you can cut smaller pieces of toothpick to create a chimney or small decorative shutter. Some brown paint can finish off the log cabin look.

Toothpick Sculpture

A few toothpicks and some soft candy pieces can make a delicious modern art style sculpture that is easy for even the youngest crafters to create. Stick the points of some toothpicks into candies like gumdrops and marshmallows, then let kids assemble the sticks together in wild and zig-zag shapes. After little ones have enjoyed observing their creations, they can get to eating their artwork.

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