How to Sew a Dutch Girl Quilt

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The Dutch Girl, or Sun Bonnet Sue, is a popular quilt for little girls and doll lovers. It is a simple quilt to put together by appliquéing the little Dutch Girls right on top of your fabric. The patterns may vary a little bit, but all are sweet, little girls.

Trace and cut out your pattern pieces. You can either trace the patterns from a quilt book or print a copy off a website that offers free patterns.

Choose your background fabric. Make sure to choose a fabric that is fairly plain so that your little girls stand out well on the quilt top.

Select scraps of fabric that coordinate with each other. Choose prints for the dresses and matching solids for the bonnets and sleeves. It doesn't matter what colors you use for the dresses, but white is best to use for the gloves and black is best for the shoes.

Cut out all of your pieces. The background squares are 12 inches. Use the pattern pieces to cut out all the parts of the little girl.

Arrange the girl pieces for one girl on top of one background square, making sure everything is centered in the middle of the block. Pin all of the pieces securely in place.

Appliqué the little girl pieces to the background by using a satin stitch on your sewing machine. Sew just around the edges to hold everything in place.

Sew all the finished Dutch Girl blocks together. Layer the quilt top with batting and a backing fabric then tie or hand quilt. Finish the edge with bias binding.

Things You'll Need

  • Dutch Girl pattern
  • Light colored fabric
  • Assorted scraps
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Batting
  • Backing fabric


  • To use the satin stitch on your sewing machine, set your stitch length to zero and your stitch type to zigzag.

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