How to Send A Montblanc Pen for repair

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There is a feeling of class and elegance writing with a Montblanc pen. The feather-like way it glides over the paper creates sentimental value for any individual. This attachment, along with the retail cost, makes any damage to the instrument painful. Luckily these instruments can be repaired for little or no cost at a Montblanc Boutique or Service Center.

How To Send A Montblanc Pen for Repair

Access the Montblanc Web site at to locate a Montblanc Boutique or a Montblanc Service Center.

Compose a short letter detailing your issues and the needed repairs. Be sure to include your address and a daytime telephone number.

Carefully package your writing instrument for shipping. Wrap the pen in a bubble mailer to ensure it will not be further damaged enroute. Do not forget to place the letter detailing your request in the envelope.

Ship the package to the boutique or service center you have selected from Insure your package and ask for delivery confirmation.

If the repair is not covered under your original warranty, you will receive an estimate letter from a Montblanc technician. Montblanc will not begin work on your writing instrument until you have accepted the charges and made payment to the service center.

Things You'll Need

  • Montblanc pen
  • Internet connection
  • Bubble mailer
  • Shipping insurance fees
  • Paper
  • Pen/Pencil