How to Sell Rare Coins

Coin shops sell a variety of coins for collections.
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Selling rare coins can be a very profitable enterprise. Coin collecting is, after all, one of the most popular hobbies in the United States. There are plenty of serious coin collectors out there who are always on the lookout for rare and unique coins to add to their collection. If you have rare coins to sell or have the connections necessary to regularly procure such coins, you may find yourself much in demand throughout the coin collecting community. Therefore, knowing how to sell rare coins is a beneficial and potentially profitable skill.

Sell Your Rare Coins to Collectors All Over the World

Get your coins appraised and graded. If you do not know how to do these things yourself, take your coins to a professional coin dealer. The dealer will tell you how old your coins are, what condition they are in and how much they could be worth on the coin market.

Use eBay to sell your rare coins (see Resources below). eBay is a hotbed of coin commerce. You can connect with collectors from all over the world, each one of whom is a potential customer. Depending on the age and value of your coins, you may opt to sell them in the general auction area of eBay or you may decide to put them for sale in the Antiques section where more valuable items are often located.

Take your coins to a coin show. There are coin shows held all over the world each year. Vendors can come to these shows and set up tables to display and sell their coins. This is an excellent way to place your coins directly in front of potential buyers.

Advertise in coin collectors' magazines like the Numismatist (see Resources below). Taking out an ad in the classified section allows you to reach many readers who are in the market to buy rare coins.

Seek out websites devoted to coin collecting. These are good places to list the rare coins you want to sell. The people who go to these websites are coin collectors, after all. They are your target audience and the people most likely to buy your coins. Sell Coins.com (see Resources below) is one such site.


When listing your rare coins for sale on eBay, be sure to be completely honest regarding the age and condition of your coins. Misrepresenting your coins will not help you to sell them. Dishonest wording in your listings will only result in your coins being returned to you, complaints about you to eBay and negative feedback left on your feedback profile.

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