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How to Sell Old Record Albums

The same albums you once loved might be valuable to someone else today.
Cleaning vinyl LP record image by Edward Stephens from Fotolia.com

You have finally gotten around to cleaning the attic and have come across a huge box of record albums you barely remember purchasing. Those old records might mean nothing to you, and selling them can be time-consuming, but armed with a little knowledge, you just might get some cash for your old vinyl.

Where to Find Buyers

Find out how much your vinyl is worth. You'll get a good indication of this by looking at prices being asked on sites like Neatstuff.net and Gocontinental.com. The condition and relative rarity of an album will determine its value to collectors. Unless you truly want to sacrifice them, set prices and stick to them.

Look online for buyers. Online bidding sites like Ebay allow you to sell your products for a small fee, while Craigslist will let you advertise for free. If you decide to sell your collection in person (at a yard sale, for example), have a record player available so that potential buyers can know that the record is in good condition. You can also play the record yourself to make sure it doesn't get scratched.

Go to record stores and dealers to get an idea of what your collection is worth. They may also buy the records from you, but remember that they're in the business to make money, and they're going to pay you a fraction of what they will eventually charge for the albums.

Go to a public record show. Dealers often get together to present public shows, which are good opportunities to shop around, see what other albums are going for, find out what kinds of albums sale at a premium, and talk to different dealers about how they buy music. Who knows? You may just find a buyer there.


The rarer the album, the more it is worth.

If the album and its cover has been beat up over the years, don't expect anyone to want to pay top dollar.

It's sometimes true that an artistic album cover is worth more than the vinyl inside of it.

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