How to Sell Old Magazines

If you have old magazines that you have been holding onto for years, there is a possibility that you can make a small profit from them. Some of the factors that cause a magazine to become valuable over time include the person who is on the cover of the magazine as well as the information that is between the pages of the magazine. If the magazine was a limited edition, included details of events regarding the nation's history, or included a famous celebrity that is no longer living then the value of the magazine will gradually increase over time.

Visit an antique appraisal shop to get an appraisal of your old magazine to ensure that you don't price it too low when you are selling. If you are unable to get an appraisal from an antique specialist, you can do your own research to find out the value of your magazine.

To research on your own, you can use Vintage magazine pricing guides such as the "Old Magazines: Identification & Value Guide," and "Antique Trader: Vintage Magazines Price Guide" (no endorsements). You can find these guides and resources on sites such as

Find an avenue to advertise your old magazines that are for sale. You can sell the magazines through online auction sites, such as eBay, or websites like CraigsList.

Upload pictures of your old magazines to the website that you are selling or auctioning them on. By uploading pictures, potential buyers can see the actual condition of your magazine to see if the appearance meets their specifications.

Include a description of the magazine along with the picture. The description should indicate the condition of the magazine–whether it is in excellent, good, fair, or poor shape. Also include your asking price for the magazine and whether or not the price is negotiable.

Accept payment from the person who is willing to pay your requested price. There are many ways you can accept payment for your magazine, with one of the popular methods being through To use PayPal you will need to have an account on their website. If you don't already have one, it is easy to create a new user account. Be prepared to provide and verify your bank-account information.