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How to Sell Geodes

Quartz crystals - geode image by santosilva from Fotolia.com

Selling geodes is a unique business for a beginning entrepreneur, as these beautiful rock formations can be hard to find. Whether you have a large collection of natural geodes that you've acquired or want to buy geodes wholesale, you can turn a profit by selling geodes to collectors and enthusiasts. There are several ways you can sell geodes, including selling on eBay.com, Amazon.com, or setting up your own shop.

Find a supplier of geodes. If you are lucky enough to live near an area where you can find natural geodes, like Iowa's Geode State Park, you can find your own geodes. Geodes can also be purchased in bulk through wholesale geode and gem suppliers.

Take good-quality pictures of the geodes that you have to offer. To get a great picture of a geode, it's best to take the photos outdoors on an overcast day, with the flash off. This way, you have natural light without glare. Set the geode on a neutral backdrop, like a piece of fabric without a pattern.

Write descriptions for the geodes you plan to sell. Include the width, height and weight of the geodes. Explain whether they are raw or cut and the type of stone.

Sign up for a seller's account on Amazon.com. When customers search for a term like "buy geodes," Amazon is usually one of the first links that appear. Amazon seller accounts are free, and sellers only pay a fee after an item sells.

Sell geodes on eBay.com. To sell on eBay, you'll need to sign up with a seller's account as well. On eBay, you can also set up a store to showcase all of your geodes.

Set up your own geode website. Cut out the middle men their fees by creating your own website. Buy a domain name that describes your business. Look for a host that offers an easy-to-install shopping cart system. This is also a great way to sell geodes wholesale, if you have enough to sell.

Things You'll Need:

  • Geodes or geode supplier
  • Camera
  • Amazon seller account
  • eBay seller account
  • Domain name
  • Website hosting


Make the most profit by finding your own raw, uncut geodes. Write clear descriptions about the geodes you are selling.


  • If you are unsure of what type of geode you have, be sure to do your research. Always ship on time when using a service like eBay or Amazon so you'll get good customer feedback.
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