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How to Sell an Antique Stove

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Some antique stoves are worth a lot of money. If you have an antique stove that you wish to sell, there are several options available to you. Even if your stove is not working, the market will provide buyers since many restoration sites for old stoves exist. With a little work and research, you can sell an antique stove easily.

Selling Your Antique Stove 101

Measure your stove and then write down important information, such as the make and model (if known), the current condition (whether or not working) and notation of any damages.

Research the value of your stove on the Internet so you know what prive to ask. If you are not concerned with obtaining fair market value, then you should consider taking the best offer you receive. If the stove is not in working condition, be sure to allow for "as-is" pricing.

Use your phone book to call local antique dealers or antique malls to see if they would know of anyone interested in purchasing your item. Check with furniture and appliance restoration dealers as well. Since your item is large and heavy, your best bet is to start by looking for a local buyer.

Use the Internet to explore and post on any free online community sites, such as Craigslist. You will need to take good digital photographs with your camera to include with your description. If you have the means to deliver the stove, list one price for delivery in a 50-mile radius and one price for pickup.

Expand your horizons. If youhave been unable to sell your antique stove locally after several weeks, explore out-of-area opportunities. You may wish to consider posting on Craigslist in a neighboring state, or within a larger radius, offering to meet half way or to add a delivery fee. You can also try online auction sites like eBay, listing "local pickup only."

Adjust pricing if necessary. Changing market conditions and demands will affect pricing. Just because you found a comparable stove that sold recently for top dollar does not mean yours is going to. There are also collectors online who may wish to purchase your stove if it is of interest to them. But keep in mind freight charges will be astronomical when shipping heavy freight long distance, so you will have to adjust pricing accordingly.

Things You'll Need:

  • Tape measure
  • Pen
  • Notebook
  • Internet
  • Phone book
  • Digital camera


You may also wish to post a flyer at the local grocery store, or as allowed in your neighborhood.


  • Exercise caution if you are allowing people to come to your home and view the stove. When dealing with strangers, it is better to be safe and have the stove outside in the garage and have someone with you.
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