Scavenger Hunt Ideas for 10 Year Olds

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A scavenger hunt is a good game for a birthday party or just to keep a group of 10-year-olds busy. Scavenger hunts are easily adapted to be played indoors or outdoors, and can be used to take 1 hour or all day. Prizes can be as simple as dollar store trinkets or the items that were hunted.

Nature Hunt

If you have a houseful of bored 10-year-olds you will most likely have a ton of bickering and complaining. Getting them out of the house is easy if you take a few minutes to plan a nature scavenger hunt. Break the kids into small teams and give them each a list of items that can be found outdoors. Some good things to include on the lists include feathers, caterpillars, certain types of leaves and shiny rocks. Give each team paper and a pencil so that they can draw anything that they cannot bring back with them. The first team to return with all the items found receives the prize.

Indoor Hunt

If the weather is bad, or kids are unable to go outside for other reasons, an indoor scavenger hunt will keep them entertained. Rather than just creating a list of items to find, create clues that lead the children around the house until they reach the prize. Mix the clues up so that some are very easy, while others require kids to think a little to figure out where to go. Make the hunt as long as you want to by sending the kids around the house several times. The end of the hunt prize can be any small item since the kids will enjoy the hunt so much that the prize will not be that important.

Theme Hunt

If you are planning a scavenger hunt for a birthday party that is based on a theme, continue the theme with the scavenger hunt. If the party theme is fire trucks, hide small fire related items around the party area and break the children up into small teams. Give each team a list of the items to be found and send them off to hunt. The team that finds the most items wins the prize. Choose a prize that is related to the theme, as well.